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Making a dashboard

Step 1 - Add a new dashboard

First, navigate to dashboards in the top nav and click '+' to add a new dashboard.
Name your new dashboard anything you like.
When the dashboard is created, you will be redirected to a blank dashboard page that you will need to add components to.

Step 2 - Add components

Click '+' in the top right to add a new component to your dashboard.
Choose a name you would like to display as the component's title. Then, select Data Grid or Bar Chart for display format.
  • Data Grid: displays the data in a grid similar to query results.
  • Bar Chart: displays a single data set as a bar chart. The first column of the query is used for data labels and the second column is used as data values.
Finally, choose which query will be used to populate the component. Only queries you have created in your account can be used.
Your new component is added to the top left of your dashboard. You can move any component by dragging the title bar.
You can add as many components as you like to a dashboard.
And you can re-size a component by dragging the bottom left corner.
When the dashboard owner changes a component's position or size, it changes for all users. If a non-owner changes a component's position or size, it changes for only that session.
You remove components by clicking the hamburger menu and selecting 'Remove'.