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Creating queries

Step 1 - Add a new query

First, navigate to queries in the top nav and click '+' to add a new query.
Name your new query anything you like.

Step 2 - Write your SQL

After adding a query, you will be redirected to the query page and able to customize your SQL query. Web3 Analytics uses the Presto SQL syntax.
All data is stored in the 'events' table, and the default query is:
SELECT * from events;
On queries you have created, a list of available fields and their datatype is shown to the left of the SQL editor.
Clicking on a field name will insert a reference to the field where your cursor is in the SQL editor.

Step 3 - Run your query

If you run your query, you can browse through results 100 records at a time. Your query is saved every time it is successfully run.
You can also filter the data or download it as a CSV file.