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Register an app

Sign In

To be able to register an app, you must first sign in to Web3 Analytics. You can sign in with Github, Discord or email.

Connect Your Wallet

Select Apps from the top nav and then '+' to add a new app. You will be asked to connect your wallet.

Register your app

Once your wallet is connected, you will be able to register a new app.
You wallet address will be your app ID. We recommend each app have its own wallet address, so if you'd like to add more than one app, you'll need to create additional wallet addresses.
Web3 Analytics is currently running on Goerli, so you will have to switch to the Goerli network in order to register your app.
Enter the name and URL for your app. You must also specify the amount of app credits you would like to buy (in Goerli ETH). With Web3 Analytics, you pay the gas fees for each new user of your app. This cost is estimated to be less than 1 cent per user.
New apps require buying a minimum of 0.5 Goerli ETH in credits to be able to register.
Upon successful registration, you will see the app dashboard where you can see your credit balance and other app details.